Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ever Hear of Everlane?

Seems like everybody and their brother (or sister) has done one review or another about the online retailer, Everlane.  I myself had never even heard of this company until about 3 months ago.  Since then, I've been an Everlane-addict!

I love the clean lines of their clothing; nothing fancy, just simple basics that I can wear every day and pieces I can dress up or down.

The reason I'm even mentioning Everlane today on my blog is because this company did something simply unheard of, in my opinion at least.

Let me first give you a brief "back story"; a few weeks ago I was pining over one of their tank tops, called the Langley Drape Tank.  I no longer saw this item on their website so I emailed their customer service to ask about it.  Lisa Pham, their customer service representative messaged me back to inform me that they had sold out on this particular tank top and Everlane wouldn't be producing any more of them.  Bummer.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  I looked out on my porch to see a large brown envelope which I quickly recognize as the Everlane packaging.  I didn't recall ordering anything again after my most recent purchase which was just last week.  I quickly (and excitedly), open up the package only to find the Langley Drape Tank inside, and a note from Lisa herself telling me that she looked high and low for me and was able to find one of the tanks I had wanted so badly.  Plus, it was a gift from Everlane!

I was happily surprised.  I already loved Everlane but now I love them even more.  I've been an online shopper for maybe 10 years now, shopping some pretty great and not so great sites.  Never once have one of those companies given me a gift of any sort (not that I expected them to)!  I can't praise Everlane enough.  Not only because I got a free tank top from them, but really, because the tank top represents their thoughtfulness as a company and how they will go out of their way to please their customers.

Anyways, here's my tank top as it was packaged in classy Everlane style:

and here's the's made of a cozy slub cotton and the cut is a little longer in the back.  I love it!


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